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David Groshen NYC

Ok, so you’ve left the salon and your hair looks fabulous! But that’s just day one, so if you can’t recreate it at home, you’ve got a very short-term new look. Understanding the process of styling your hair and having the tools to carry it out will insure you look great every day. Knowing what products the stylist used to can be the foundation to re-creating your style.

Danika Ostrowski
* Miss Teen Southeast Texas 2008
* Top 10 (8th Overall)

[one_half last=”no”]Before:

[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]After:


The ideal color tones for Ms. Teen Texas are warm yellows, found in the “spring” palette.* She is a spring with a slightly asymmetrical heart shaped face. A key to this makeover is to warm up the cool tones in her hair by lightening her base slightly. We also refreshed her eyelids to create the illusion of symmetry while keeping the forehead exposed for the perfect shape. I choose a slightly off-center part with long, cascading front to expose one cheek while camouflaging the others, eliminating any possible negative attention that could be an issue.

*Refer to David Groshen’s Hair Color Chart for details.