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David Groshen NYC


Create volume and shine with David Groshen's volumizing products. They offer subtle texture and give you maximum styling control.

Gel Mousse

The white in "the secret egg formula," puts you in control of the volume level of your hair. Turn up high or keep it subtle, depending on your mood. Gel mouse gives you great curl retention and adds shine. Put a dollop in your hand and watch it grow.

Key Botanicals Ingredients: Hawaiian Ginger, Banana Leaves, Coconut, Lemongrass, papaya leaves, Passion fruit, Raspberry, Sandalwood, Sea kelp, watercress. Benefits: Adds volume and manageability, with natural moisturizers to keep hair soft and shiny.
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Texture Rising

This is a fantastically easy way to control the volume at the root of your hair. Texture Rising is a lotion-to-foam spray that bolsters and lifts hair, while giving you control of the exact placement while styling. It adds lift, dimension and volume and works great for all hair types.

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