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Hair Products

David Groshen's hair-care products leave hair smooth, silky and luxurious. His products contain a blend of botanically blended formulas that keep hair healthy and protected. The line offers shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments, each addressing the needs of specific hair types.

David Groshen's exclusive shampoos contain natural blends of ingredients that leave hair looking shiny and magnificent. The line includes formulas that will repair damage, seal and protect color, and infuse volume.

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Strengthen hair and keep color bright between treatments with David Groshen's smoothing conditioners. These versatile conditioners leave hair luminous, smooth and manageable.

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Create volume and shine with David Groshen's volumizing products. They offer subtle texture and give you maximum styling control.

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Whether you need a heavy gel for hard-to-style looks or a lighter product that controls hair without weighing it down, there's a David Groshen gel that will get the job done.

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Smoothing coarse hair for natural drying or blow-drying is a snap with David Groshen's vitamin-fueled relaxers. These products offer shine, reduce frizz and protect hair from blow-dryer heat.

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David Groshen's hairspray line offers a variety of products that keep hair in place, while adding shine, strength and volume. Whether your style is simple or complex, free flowing or up-do, these sprays provide the muscle to make your hair do as it's told!

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Tame and shape hair with David Groshen's Style Enhancer line. Whether you're looking for a sculpted or natural look, when you add these products to your styling routine, your hair will know who's the boss!

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