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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Eva Longoria


Face Shape: Heart.
Color: Deep, espresso brown with cappuccino highlights. Larger, bold highlights with very subtle or small differences in lightness have become a standard in extraordinary hair.
Cut: The front angle starts past chin-length, with long angles and a deconstructed front angle.
Why it works: The openness at the forehead and the side part allow for a long, framing wave. A deconstructed front creates a softness that frames her jaw line.
To style: For fine hair use David Groshen Gel Mousse. For coarser hair, use David’s “Secret Fried Egg Formula.” For very coarse hair, use David Groshen Orange Stuff.

With a large boar bristle brush, pull the hair as straight as possible allowing it only to turn slightly at the very ends of each section. For coarser, wavier hair, use a large curling iron in equal size sections. This will close the cuticle, seal in shine and create large, bouncy waves. Use David Groshen Hair Polish to add shine and finish this natural look.