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Extensions today are revolutionizing the hair fashion scene. Celebrities are going for that quick “Wow!” they get with a noticeable change of look. With hair extensions, you can achieve subtle to extreme changes in style. They introduce a variety of styling options without irreversible changes to your natural hair. You can opt for changes to length and thickness, and choose styles that are straight, curly or wavy.

Step One: Define Your Personal Hair Goals

Think about what you want your extensions to do for you. Then, keeping your hair goals in mind, review your options below and decide what kind of commitment you want to make from an upkeep and financial perspective.

Step Two: Extensions for Special Occasions

Bonding is a method that is used for temporary extensions when you want to add length or volume for a few days or for a special occasion. This method works well for creating an up-do on someone with short or medium length hair. Your new hair is on a weft (hand knotted on a length of mesh fabric). Sections of the weft are attached in a row directly to your hair with special hair glue. This allows the hair to lay very flat on the head.

This method will last until your next shampoo and pieces can be removed with any oil base product or bond remover. Cost for professional application of extensions via this method at David Groshen Salon is $40 a row, and $200 for a full head.

Step Three: Longer-Lasting Extensions

The sew-in method is for people who want to add length or volume to their hair for approximately 4 to 8 weeks. It is a great interim solution to try out long hair as you are growing your own out. Small cornrows are braided into your hair and then a weft of hair is sewn with a needle and thread to the braids.

These extensions can be washed and styled like your own hair. Sewn-in extensions should be removed by your stylist for best results. Cost for professional application of extensions via this method $100 a row (minimum 2 rows), $500 full head (approximately 6-8 rows).

Step Four: Extensions for a Versatile, Natural Look

Strand-by Strand application provides the most natural and undetectable look of all of the extension methods, and can last up to six months with some interim maintenance. This is the type of extensions that you see on many celebrities.

You can achieve a subtle or extreme change with this high-precision method. Individual strands of hair are applied to your own hair and are held with a special adhesive, which allows the hair to move just like your own. You can wash and style it or even pull it back into a ponytail.

Cost for professional application of extensions via this method at is $350 for one third of the head (2 rows for thickness only), $700 for half a head (for some length in addition to thickness) and $1400 for a full head (for noticeable length change).

Step Five: Hairpieces for a Quick Fix Any Time

Custom hairpieces can be made just for you. They are a fabulous quick fix for an instant touch of glamor anytime you want. These pieces can be clipped in or put on little combs and fitted exactly to your head to work with your exact hair color and texture. Cost for professional design of hairpieces like this starts at $300 per segment (Not including the cost of the hair).

Step Six: Your Personal Hair Extension Consultation

Now that you have defined your personal hair goals and understand the extension methods available, it is time to schedule your consultation. This is where you discuss your best options based on expert assessment of your natural hair and what you want to achieve. Bring pictures if you see a look that you want in a magazine. What type of extensions are right for your hair type? What is your best choice based on your level of commitment? Ask questions about anything you want to know.

Step Seven: Having Your Extensions Done

Plan to spend 2 to 6 hours having your new hair applied, depending on the method of application and how much hair you are adding. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking to reserve your time.

You will be referred to a custom hair specialist, where you will have your hair matched (color and texture), so you can purchase your extension hair prior to the application.