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David Groshen NYC

As questions arise about the safety of Brazilian Keratin treatments, many people are panicked – or at least at least a little shaken – by the idea that they’ll just have to learn to live with frizz. Not so, says David Groshen, owner of the David Groshen Salon.

David recommends a number of safe and gentle treatments that will smooth and protect your hair. Depending on your hair type and hair history, there’s a product that will tame and enhance your overworked hair.

Discuss your options with your hairdresser and fill him in on the history of your hair, including any highlights, color and relaxing treatments you’ve had. Remember, hair history spans six inches per year, which means if you have 18 inches of hair, tell your stylist what your hair’s been up to for the last three years!  Below are some options for relaxing treatments, which will leave hair smoother and more manageable:

Cashmere – This treatment is a smoother that will reduce frizz and increase the durability of your style. Hair treated with Cashmere is easier to blow out and style. Cashmere is recommended for color treated, previously relaxed and extremely damaged hair. In fact, the more damaged the hair, the more successful the treatment. This occurs because the cuticles are more open in coarse hair and therefore hair is more receptive to the treatment. Cashmere relaxes the outer 25 percent of the hair. Following the treatment it gets rinsed and then neutralized when blown out and ironed straight. Clients who want to leave the salon with a fuller style,  can have the hair wet and blown out again. This process is so gentle it can be repeated the same day and takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Smooth Control – This is an ideal treatment for people with fine-to-normal hair. It offers a straighter finish with body that people with fine-to-normal hair might be wary of losing with a relaxing treatment. Smooth Control uses a stronger solution than Cashmere and its chemicals will not affect more than 40 percent of the hair.. Following the treatment,  hair is blown straight. Those who want to even the consistency of their waves and curls have the option of using a flat iron after the blowout. This is followed by a neutralizing formula, which stays on the hair for seven minutes. Hair treated with Smooth Control cannot be washed for two to three days and must be kept straight. Smooth Control is not recommended for people who have highlights, but is effective for those who have had single process color treatments. Smooth Control treatments take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Smooth Highlights – This is a milder variation of Smooth Control, which is safe for highlighted hair. It offers the hairdresser control and allows him to protect highlighted areas. This process takes 1.5 to 2 hours and will leave hair frizz-free and smoother.

Straight Variation – This treatment is ideal for people with who have not had color treatments. It contains the volume and controls the bulk of their hair, while still retaining the curls. Following a shampoo, your stylist will apply Straight Variation and leave it on for 10 to 30 minutes, depending your hair’s resistance. After the product is rinsed out, a neutralizer is applied. This returns oxygen to the hair and secures it in its new, straighter, smoother state. Following a Straight Variation treatment, hair cannot be blown out so clients must leave the salon with wavy or curly hair. This treatment takes approximately one hour.