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David Groshen NYC

Now that you’ve gathered information about your face shape and hair color, it’s time to use this as a foundation while you talk to your hairdresser about what you love and what you hate.

Understanding what you dislike, in this case, is more important to your understanding what you like. A good relationship starts with great communication. In a perfect world, your ideas given to someone with a creative vision should generate even better ideas. Letting your hairstylist know where it’s not ok to let his or her creativity go wild will save lots of time and avoid tears.

Keys to a good consultation are:

  1. Explaining and describing your likes and dislikes
  2. Making sure your stylist understands you by having him or her repeat your preferences
  3. Hearing ideas based on your likes and dislikes
  4. Discussing and agreeing on a plan. This includes:
    • Haircut (be exact about your preferences: length, layers, style. Match your face shape to your new haircut.)
    • Hair style (learn how recreate your new style and how it works with your face shape.)
    • Hair color
    • Relaxers (Brazilian treatments, perms chemical services)
    • Hair extensions (how long? how thick?)
    • Time in the salon (how long will the process take?)
    • Expense at the time of service
    • Cost of maintenance
    • Deposit for services
    • Lessons to recreate your new style
    • Products you will need
  5. Re-communicate one last time by re-stating the plan and hearing the plan re-stated to you. This will serve as your final agreement.You should agree on your face shape, coloring, and the style and color that best suits you. There should be no uncertainty or wavering during your final agreement.