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David Groshen NYC

Face Shape: Heart.
Color: Golden Mocha Brown with Light Golden Honey Highlights
Cut: Beyond middle-of-the-back length, with a front angel starting at the nose followed by long progressive layers.
Why it works: The voluptuous waves swinging away from her cheekbones creates a beautiful silhouette of her fabulous heart-shaped face. The extreme, long hair is what adds drama to this shape.
To style: For fine to medium hair, use David’s “Secret Egg Formula”– a dollop of David Groshen Gel Mousse with a dot of David Groshen Orange Stuff. For medium to coarse hair just use Orange Stuff.
Preset the center part while the hair is wet. Use a medium round boar bristle brush maintaining the root direction. Pull and stretch the front fringe down and across, making sure that the wave flows just above the cheekbones. Finish drying the remainder of the hair with a large round boar bristle brush. Use a 2-inch round iron in the bottom 2/3’s of the longer strands of hair to create the soft wave. Separate with David Groshen Hair Polish. If necessary, use Waxed Out to hold and maintain the direction.