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David Groshen NYC


Face Shape: Oval.
Color: Boysenberry with a hint of bordeaux.
Cut: Beyond middle-of-the-back length with the front angle starting well below the chin and a hint of layering.
Why it works: This sultry, sexy style is set by over-directing the hair back, creating a completely asymmetric shape – one side completely sleek, exposing her fabulous features; the other side showcasing gorgeous, wavy hair.
To style: This style is for those with beyond middle-of-the-back length hair or it is a visit for extensions. For fine hair, use David Groshen Gel Mousse. For medium hair, use David Groshen’s “Egg Formula.” For coarse hair, use David Groshen Orange Stuff.Preset the off-center part while the hair is wet. Use a medium round boar bristle brush to dry the hair, paying special attention to the direction of the hair around the hair line and part. Pulling the hair as sleek and tight on the backside is extremely important here. Use a large 1 ½ to 2-inch round iron through the bottom 2/3’s of each strand, making sure not to go any higher than the end of the first wave.