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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Lisa Rinna


Face Shape: Square to heart.
Hair Texture: Medium to course with a wave.
Cut: Cut at the top of the shoulders in the back, with the front fringe starting at the nose, blended in the back using a heavy texturing technique. Use the length at the front fringe as a guide for the layers at the top, making sure to use only a texturing cutting technique.
Why it works: The soft fringe into the swooping side wave falls beautifully across Lisa’s sculpted cheekbones.
To style: For fine to medium hair, use David Groshen Medium Gel. For medium to coarse hair, use David Groshen’s “Secret Egg Formula.” For coarse hair, just use Orange Stuff. For extremely fine hair, spray David Groshen Texture Rising at the roots.

Use a medium to small round boar bristle brush with the “lift, bend, and stretch” technique through the top and sides. Style the hair at the back with an upward flip. For those with coarse hair, don’t be afraid to use a flat iron to smooth the ends. Take a small amount of David Groshen’s Waxed Out and spread completely in your hands, then apply through the bottom of the style to create separation and texture. Pinch the pieces gently in the front to create the openness in the front fringe.