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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Kristen Stewart


Face Shape: Heart with a square jawline.
Hair Texture: Medium to fine with a wave.
Cut: Beyond the collarbone, front angle starting below the nose. Long, progressive layers.
Why it works: This beautiful Victorian style uses soft, tendril waves to accent Kristin’s beautiful features.
To style: For fine to medium hair, texturize on the roots. For coarse hair, use David’s “Secret Egg Formula.”

Use a vent brush to pull and extend the hair at a 90 degree angle from the scalp. This will create a fullness in volume necessary for this shape. Continue this technique throughout the head. Use a 1 ¼-inch round iron through small sections of hair to create these soft, bouncy waves. Separate with David Groshen Hair Polish. Gather the hair through the top of the crown and secure with a bobby pin using a criss-cross fashion, locking it in place. Take the sides up and back, covering the previous criss-cross. Repeat the same on the other side. Be mindful of the shape you are creating as you go. You need to maintain enough fullness to match the sides of the waves. Pull down a few tendrils of each side. Give yourself a blast of David Groshen Finishing Spray, and then you are done!