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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Kellie Pickler


Face Shape: Heart.
Hair Texture: Medium texture with a wave.
Cut: This inverted (shorter in the back, longer in the front) a-symmetrical bob is always a classic. It follows the hollow of the neck all the way around. A slight delicate angle at the front fringe creates a whisper of movement.
Why it works: You couldn’t dream of a better frame for a heart shaped face.
To style: For fine to medium hair, use David Groshen Medium Gel. For medium to coarse hair, use David Groshen’s “Secret Egg Formula.” For coarse hair, just use Orange Stuff. For extremely fine hair, spray David Groshen Texture Rising at the roots.

Preset the side part while the hair is wet. Use a medium to large round boar bristle brush, then lift, bend, and stretch. This technique will create the bend in the middle of the hair and fullness in the root of each section. Use David Groshen Finishing Spray for the finishing touch.