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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Jessica Stroup


Face Shape: Classic heart.
Hair Texture: Fine to medium with a slight wave.
Cut: This blunt shape is cut at the hollow of the neck, with the front angle starting just above the chin in a textured bottom to create movement and airiness.
Why it works: The openness at the forehead and the long swoopy and front wave are the classic definitive ways to enhance a heart shaped face.
To style: For fine to medium hair, use David Groshen Medium Gel. For medium to coarse hair, use David Groshen’s “Secret Egg Formula.” For extremely fine hair, spray David Groshen Texture Rising at the roots.

Preset the side part while the hair is wet. Use a medium to large round boar bristle brush, and blow dry the hair making sure not the bend the hair under, but keeping the heat on the flat of the brush. For the front fringe, lift and place the hair on the brush and allow to cool. Use a flat iron if necessary to create those beautiful, straight ends. Use the iron absolutely at the end of the front wave to create this straight upturn. Use David Groshen Waxed Out to separate and define the “piecey-ness” at the bottom of the style.