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Celebrity Hairstyles - Jennifer Garner


Face Shape: Heart to square.
Color: Golden red-brown with soft copper-red highlights.
Cut: Shoulder-length with the front angle starting at the collarbone. Long layers through the very bottom maintain a blunt line.
Why it works: Her natural waves cascade across her cheekbones framing her eyes and highlighting her smile.
To style: This is a great natural style for those blessed with wavy hair. Use David Groshen Orange Stuff on soaking wet hair. Distribute evenly. Section the part off-center, back towards the middle of the head. Direct the hair up and away from your forehead until you like the flow of the first wave. Use David Groshen Finishing Spray lightly over your wet hair, and do not touch. Your style is done. Allow to dry completely and enjoy frizz free waves. This is called the Ketty Losetto method of drying hair (named for one of my hairdressers who discovered it).