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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Jennie Garth


Face Shape: Oval.
Hair Texture: Fine to medium with a slight wave.
Cut: Blunt line starting at the hollow of the neck with rounded layering throughout the bottom of the style.
Why it works: This emphases is on a sultry look. The tight sides with an over-directed looser top give the beautiful dangling earrings room to shine.
To style: For fine hair, use David Groshen Gel Mousse. For medium hair, use David Groshen’s famous “Secret Fried Egg Formula.” For coarse hair, use David Groshen Orange Stuff.

Comb the hair straight back and use a medium to round boar bristle brush creating as much height and volume toward the top of the crown as possible. Lift, bend and stretch each section as you blow dry the hair throughout the back of the head, creating a beautiful soft under-turn. Clip the hair at the top of the crown out of the way. Then lift the hair at the temples and secure in the back of the head with a bobby pin. Do the same on the opposite side. Back comb the front to the back of the crown. Use David Groshen Finishing Spray to set the back combing and brush out the front of the hair, restoring a natural looking root direction. Use Finishing Spray to make this look solid.