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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Ginnifer Goodwin


Face Shape: Heart shaped face.
Color: Dark chestnut with dark auburn highlights.
Cut: Long, short haircut. Long top with tapered deconstructed sides and back, creating the sleekness and movement.
Why it works: The a-symmetric shape allows an open forehead and long, flowing fringe with the front swoop cascading just across the cheekbone. The color helps separate and define the movement, making the layers visible where in solidly dark hair they might disappear.
To style: For fine to medium hair, use David Groshen Medium Gel. For medium to coarse hair, use David Groshen’s “Secret Egg Formula.” For very coarse hair, use only Orange Stuff.

Preset the part on the side while the hair is wet. Create a back direction at the top of the crown. Blow dry the hair using as large of a brush as you can while still controlling the hair (you need to get the hair onto 2/3’s of the brush to have this type of control). This way, you can pull the sides and nape down as straight as possible. At the top of the crown, lift the root to create your height, blending it into the shorter lengths at the bottom. This is where your sculpting comes into play. You have to watch the style while it is drying. Pull the front fringe down and across to create a sleekness and straightness to this area. Use a flat iron if necessary for the shape. Finish off your look with David Groshen Waxed Out. Apply a small amount to the hand, rub hands together until you create an even distribution through your hands. Smooth, separate, and create a delicate hold while necessary.