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David Groshen NYC

I’m a smart girl. Born to a straight-haired Italian-American mother and a Haitian-Dominican father. I graduated from Harvard University. I’ve been a successful TV Anchor/Reporter/Host and broadcast journalist for over a decade. Looking good on TV is critical, and my hair has to be primped and primed before each and every newscast. Typically long and strong, after a spur-of-the-moment bad decision to go blonde a few years back (at a random NYC salon I’d never been to or researched), my hair started to turn green, break off, and fall out.

My hair has always been part of my identity – both as a woman – and as part of my presence on-air. I didn’t know what to do. For a year I battled with wigs. I then tried keratin glued-in extensions, with the promise they’d allow my hair to grow. Little did I know when my former stylist in Florida took them out, she’d rip out the little hair I’d had growing back in.

When I came to New York last summer, I searched for a solution. I couldn’t figure out the right path: what could look great on-air, and still give my natural hair a break and let it grow. Enter my savior, David Groshen. Not only did he take the time to assess my hair and prescribe the right fixes, he keeps it looking fabulous for my daily TV News show.

David used a series of treatments, including a relaxing Brazilian keratin treatment and another straightner, every few months which kept the kink and frizz out of new growth. He also helped me select best color for my skin by placing a color wheel chart/bib to place around my neck, which he used as guide. I didn’t necessarily believe the choices at the time, but the results speak for themselves: perfectly natural warm tones, and uber-gorgeous, rich, deep color!

Last, David solved my extension woes. He knows everything there is to know about extensions and gets them in the shortest possible amount of time. Having been traumatized by extensions gone bad in NYC and Florida, David became my Mr. Fix-it and made it gorgeous from the inside-out.

And have forgotten to mention just how EASY maintaining my hair is now? Between the ease of not dealing with my natural hair’s frizz and unruliness thanks to the Brazilian Keratin and New Era Straightening, and the smooth body and length added with the glamorous (real, natural hair) extensions, coupled with regular base color touch-ups and highlights, this recipe for my best on-air TV look never tasted so good. I’ll forever be indebted to David to putting me on the road to allowing my natural hair to grow out in the healthiest way, without sacrificing one inch of beauty and glamour. Simply put, David’s the best.

-Francesca M.