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David Groshen NYC
Face Shape: heart
Color: Espresso brown.
Cut: Beyond middle of the back length, graduated angle starting below the collar bone. Long layers to blend her hair to the longer extension lengths.
To Style: Use David Groshen Gel Mousse and Texture Rising spray at the roots for maximum volume. Take 50% of the moisture out of the hair first, and then use a medium sized round boar bristle brush in sections no larger than the brush. Allow each section of hair to cool while still on the brush. Follow this with hot curlers, set the entire head on large 1+ inch rollers. Apply a blast of David Groshen Finishing Spray to each section of hair prior to setting on a hot roller. Allow the hair to cool completely before taking out the rollers. Turn your head upside down and shake, apply a blast of Finishing Spray while upside down. Gently smooth your hair and spray your hair to hold