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David Groshen NYC
Face Shape: Heart
Color: Dark mocha with caramel highlights (The use of highlight really helps blend the extensions to the existing hair)
Cut: Middle of the back length, with a front angle starting at the bridge of the nose. A long, steep angle to blend Francesca's hair to the extensions (Layered extensions were used on the top two rows to help blend the hair).
Extensions: Micro ring hair extensions, 6 bundles of hair, 2 layered bundles, and 4 bundles of premium hair.
Relaxer: We started with the New Era relaxer, which was too strong. We found that Keratin relaxers work the best on her color-treated hair.
To Style: When the hair is wet, use David Groshen Orange Stuff (apply liberally). Use a medium, round boar bristle brush. For hair as coarse as Francesca's, start at the front hair line while the hair is still very wet, take smaller than brush-size sections, lift each section of hair, pull and stretch. Hold the stretch until the section of hair cools. Use a 1 1/2" round iron, start in the middle of each section, twist and turn until the entire section of hair has had contact with the iron. Use David Groshen Hair Polish to add shine and smooth the hair.