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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Drew Barrymore


Face Shape: Square to heart.
Color: Medium to light chocolate-brown with copper-blonde highlights.
Cut: Mid-back with a front angle starting at the collarbone and long, progressive layers that release natural waves.
Why it works: The off-center part creates openness at the forehead allowing the first wave to drape just above the cheekbones, enhancing her jaw line and eyes.
To style: For wavy hair, use David Groshen Orange Stuff. Then part the hair when it’s wet in the center to create the direction and placement of the first wave. When the hair is very wet, use the slightest amount of Finishing Spray to seal in the shape of the waves. Do this without touching hair until it has dried. If you’re not blessed with naturally wavy hair, set the wave pattern as above and blow-dry, then curl with a large 2-inch round iron. Separate with Hair Polish and don’t be afraid to really shake your hair free to create natural looking waves.