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David Groshen NYC

The current condition of your hair depends on what you’ve recently done to it. But how recent is recent? For example, your hair grows approximately one half inch per month, so if you have 12 inches of hair, recent means what’s happened to your hair during the last two years. Included below are the important things to discuss about the current condition of you hair:

  1. Have you had any chemical services in this period of time?
    Chemical services include hair coloring, perms, relaxing treatments, or any home remedies where you have mixed two things together (this is a clue that peroxide has been added). If possible, bring the exact formula and product line you’ve used into the salon.
  2. Have you had any medical treatments that include anesthesia or high doses of medicine, particularly those that include metals?
  3. Do you swim in chlorinated water regularly?
  4. Have you traveled recently?
    Are you aware that the condition of the water in different places affects the condition of your hair? Differentiating between your hair’s “virgin” or natural condition and its altered condition is critical to the choices need to be made based on all the information.