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David Groshen NYC

A blond, a brunette and a redhead walked into a bar – and they were all the same person.

So many hair coloring options are available, making it easier than ever to eliminate gray or just update your look, says New York hairdresser David Groshen.

“Whether you are interested in a subtle change or trying an entirely new look, enhancing your hair color can make a huge difference,” Groshen says. “Remember that hair is the accessory you wear every day.”

Among the options available to people looking to change their color are temporary color, semi-permanent color, permanent color, highlights, lowlights and double process.

As the name suggests, temporary color is probably the safest route to go for those who simply want to experiment with a new look. It’s also a great way to touch up color or eliminate yellow tones from gray hair. The downside to temporary color is that it’s difficult to achieve consistency. In addition the color could rub off on clothing and bed linens, and might run when combined with moisture, Groshen cautions.

A longer-lasting, but far from radical, color option is semi-permanent color, which lasts for about four to six shampoos and greatly enhances natural color, says Groshen. It’s also a perfect method to blend away gray hair for people with 10 to 20 percent gray, he says. Demi-permanent color is a souped up cousin of semi-permanent color, lasting six to 20 shampoos.

“Of course when most people talk about coloring their hair, they’re referring to permanent color,” says Groshen. “There’s a reason stylists recommend it.”

Groshen says permanent color offers total coverage and completely consistent results when applied properly. “Even the most dramatic change can become a reality with this method,” he explains.

But those looking for a super dramatic change, may want to opt for double process coloring.  Using this method, it’s possible to lighten hair by more than four levels. It requires expert precision because the color is lifted from your hair and your new color is deposited.

“Double process coloring results in dramatic change, so, before you go down this road, a consultation with your colorist is an absolute must,” Groshen says.

Another color enhancing methods include highlights, which lifts the color in individual strands to heighten the level of lightness in the hair. “It creates looks ranging from sun-kissed to dramatic,” Groshen says. “An added benefit is that re-growth of roots is less apparent with highlights.”

For people – often men – who are looking to blend away gray in a natural way, lowlights are a popular option.

“It’s safe to say that we have the technology and skill to offer radical or subtle changes to your look,” Groshen says. “It’s all about knowing what you want and communicating with your colorist.”