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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Christina Aguilera


Face Shape: Heart.
Hair Texture: Fine with a slight wave.
Cut: Blunt cut starting just below the nape of the neck. Use this as a length guide all the way around the hair cut. No graduation– extremely blunt. The front fringe starts at the tip of the nose with a very gentle graduation into the blunt line.
Why it works: The front fringe creates a hint of movement framing eyes anyone would kill for.
To style: Apply David Groshen’s “Secret Egg Formula.” Preset the part while the hair is still wet. Use a vent brush to create volume throughout the roots with the exception of the front fringe. Use a medium boar bristle brush through the front fringe with a slight lift, bend through the middle and pull the ends straight. Check to make sure you are creating the shape that you desire. Use a flat iron through the bottom 2/3’s to create this ultra-straight look. Use David Groshen Hair Polish to smooth and place the front fringe.