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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Carrie Underwood


Face Shape: Heart.
Color: Blonde on blonde reflects and absorbs light while separate layers enhance her flattering hair shape.
Cut: Mid-back length with long, progressive layers and an angle starting just below her chin.
Why it works: The key to a heart shape is to lift and open the center of the forehead to create height. Carrie’s style conjures an illusion of length on her face. The style flows which compliments her beautiful, high cheekbones.
To style: To achieve this style use David’s “Secret Fried Egg Formula.” Create a diagonal part to create natural height and then blow-dry the hair, paying attention to the root direction. You can either use hot rollers or a 1 ½ inch hot iron to create the beautiful curls and waves. Separate and smooth each section of waves with the smallest amount of Hair Polish.