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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - Beyonce Knowles


Face Shape: Heart.
Color: Medium golden-brown with very subtle golden-blonde highlights.
Cut: Her long hair is slightly rounded at the bottom, cut with an angle starting an inch below the nose. The long, progressive layers create movement and release waves.
Why it works: For those blessed with a heart shape, you have the freedom to experiment with hairstyles. The first wave enhances her captivating smile.
To style: The best way to create the height and wave pattern in this style is to set hair on 3 to 4-inch round rollers, making sure to direct the hair at the forehead up and away. This creates the height and sets the direction for the rest of the style. After the hair is dry, you can use a large round boar bristle brush to smooth out the hair and create the exact root direction throughout. Use Hair Polish to smooth and separate the waves and curls. If you don’t have rollers, you can achieve this look with a 3-inch round curling iron, although it is much more difficult to get fullness at the roots.