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David Groshen NYC
Celebrity Hairstyles - America Ferrera


Face Shape: Square to heart.
Color: Deep, chestnut brown with mocha highlights.
Cut: Three inches beyond the collarbone with the front angles starting at her nose. Progressive layers throughout to release big, beautiful waves.
Why it works: The openness at the forehead and the cascading first wave accentuates her cheekbone and highlights her smile.
To style: For fine to medium hair use David’s “Secret Fried Egg Formula.” For medium to coarse hair, just use Orange Stuff.

Start with a multi-directional part. Using the center of your eyebrow as a guide, part the hair diagonally back an inch to the center of your crown. Section the hair into four sections. Starting at the back of the head, use a medium round boar bristle brush and allow the hair to cool while still on the brush. Continue this through each section making sure to maintain the multi-directional part. If this has left you with enough wave, fantastic. If not, use a large 1 ½ inch round curling iron on one-inch by two and a half-inch sections for more curl. Allow hair to cool and then separate curls with Hair Polish. Set with Finishing Spray.