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David Groshen NYC

More than 20 years ago, when David began styling my hair, I was in close touch with my inner hippie. I consistently refused to blow my curly hair straight, even though, all my life, I had yearned for straight, silky hair. So, as my wedding approached, David felt compelled to ask me how I wanted him to style my hair for the wedding. I responded by thrusting my chin in the air (and probably putting my hands on my hips, but I can’t be certain) and telling David I would not change my look for my wedding because I was compelled to be myself. He smiled and told me he understood. He suggested using a diffuser so the curls would dry evenly and without frizz. No doubt, he could have suggested 50 styles that would have given me a more bridal and regal look that day, but David would never coax a client out of her comfort zone, unless he sensed a willingness to leave. That’s why I’m still around. And while my inner hippie is still around too, she’s a little less rigid these days. So David has helped me find a way to relax my hair, finally giving me the straight , shiny look I’ve long coveted. It takes a sensitive hairdresser to know when a client is ready for change and it takes a talented one to know how to execute the style flawlessly. David is, without a doubt, that stylist.

– Judy A.